The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts all Yahoo products in a significant way. It is a European Union (EU) regulation put into place to give users more control over their data that services collect from them. This document describe how Yahoo has added compliance with GDPR within DataX.

For compliance purposes, DataX has added new parameters and JSON attributes to our /Taxonomy and /Audience APIs for our providers to share data consent from EU users. New parameters have also been added to the Cookie Sync pixel for data-consent from EU users.

Yahoo as Publisher will be asking for consent for the use of Yahoo 1st party data when users interact with any Yahoo Properties (sites/apps) as part of the Global User Consent Event (GUCE)

For compliance purposes, DataX will add new parameters to our Audience API for our data providers to share data consent for EU users.

GDPR requirements went into effect starting May 25, 2018.

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Changes needed for each segment node within a taxonomy file.


New external parameters created for /Audience, /Segment, and /Attribute APIs.

Cookie Mapping (UPS)

New parameters for the UPS Cookie Sync pixel for our providers to share data-consent from EU users.


Questions and answers about Yahoo’s DataX GDPR solution.