DataX Real-Time API Specification v2.0


The DataX Real-Time API provides a synchronous (real-time) integration exchange of third-party content in a secured, automated and scalable manner. This specification describes the partner-facing API that enables this exchange.


Using the DataX Real-Time infrastructure and API, you can activate, remove, modify or replace third-party data and first party audience segments (i.e., advertiser data through other DMPs) in near real-time.

Based on consumer actions, this can happen within a five minute timeframe. The moment data from an existing provider is received, users are automatically processed and categorized into the appropriate audience segments.

Value Proposition

Partners can exchange structured data against user identifiers, such as cookies, user-matched ids, household ids, and so. In addition, partners can share information, including segment qualifications, user attributes, seed segments, audience models and so on, using the DataX Online infrastructure and API.

Supported Functionality

The DataX Real-Time API supports the following functionalities:

  1. Ingesting user/audience data against pre-matched ids.

  2. Deleting users from existing segments (user un-segmentation).

  3. Variable expiration windows on segments.

  4. Real-time audience refresh capabilities.

Document History

  • First release of updated, partner-facing API specification v1.0 for DataX partners on 12/15/2020.