High-Level API Flow

To work successfully with the DataX API, you’ll need to understand the high-level DataX API flow, as illustrated in the following diagram:


Ordered Sequence of Steps

The following steps illustrate the DataX API flow:

Step 1: Format your data as one of the DataX published formats – primarily JSON, with some text formatting options for easy onboarding.

Step 2: Describe your data via DataX’s published MetaData format – just a few fields formatted as JSON.

Step 3: Create a multipart/form-data HTTP request, with “metadata” as the first field and “data” as the second field.

Step 4: Send a POST request to datax.yahooapis.com against the resource and API version you are uploading to, e.g., POST {version}/taxonomy, POST{version}/audience etc, where {version} is the letter v followed by the major version of the API specification, i.e., “v1” for API specification 1.x.x.

Step 5: DataX responds back with an extended MetaData with useful information and links that you can use to monitor your uploads.