Taxonomy helps Yahoo import the hierarchical (or flat) organization of its partners’ data and its associated metadata. Uploading taxonomy is a prerequisite for uploading user/audience data.


A partner must maintain a Taxonomy for its entire data set across all segments and attributes for the data that it provides through DataX.

Methods to Manage Taxonomy

DataX exposes these methods for managing Taxonomy:

  1. POST /taxonomy: Use this API to create a new version of your Yahoo taxonomy. If successful, the new taxonomy replaces and supercedes the currently active taxonomy.

  2. PUT /taxonomy: Use this API to send incremental taxonomy data that would be merged with the currently active taxonomy. It supports options to insert, replace, move taxonomy nodes and its sub-tree to an existing taxonomy.

  3. GET /taxonomy: Use this API to fetch the currently active version. It also supports API to fetch a list of previously uploaded taxonomy metadata.

  4. Delete /taxonomy: Use this API to delete taxonomy node/s and its sub-tree from currently active taxonomy.

Topics to Navigate

Explore these topics to better under Taxonomy JSON layouts and methods.




Structure descriptions

Taxonomy Representation

Taxonomy JSON layouts

POST /Upload New Taxonomy

Create or refresh taxonomy nodes

PUT /Append Taxonomy Node

Update taxonomy data

PUT /Replace Taxonomy Node

Replace existing taxonomy nodes

PUT /Move Node

Move existing taxonomy nodes

Delete Taxonomy Node

Delete existing taxonomy nodes

Get Taxonomy

Retrieve latest taxonomy version

Error Codes

Taxonomy errors and descriptions