Data Guide

Oath Audience Insights enables you to identify, explore and understand audiences by harnessing the depth and reach of Yahoo data.


Audience Insights reports are based on Oath proprietary data gathered from Yahoo Search, Yahoo Mail, Flurry Analytics, Yahoo Ads, and leading third-party data providers.

We curate and present this data in a discoverable and explorable format to enable our customers to better identify and understand their audiences.


Unless noted otherwise, data is based on the previous 30 days of active users for a specific country.

Data Categories

Insights are divided into eight major data categories: Behavior, Content, Demographic, Mobile, Performance, Purchases, Search, and Travel.

Table 21 Data Sources
Data Guide Description
Behavior Data Behavior data includes app behavior, device usage, ad behavior, Premium segments, and more. To learn more see Behavior Data.
Content Data Content data includes top Yahoo sites, devices, and top external site visits. To learn more see Content Data.
Demographic Data Demographic data includes age, location, residence, auto ownership, finance, income distribution, and life stage. To learn more see Demographics Data.
Mobile Data Mobile data includes app activity, app install and usage categories, movile device carriers, makers, models, and device types, and mobile OS names and versions. To learn more see Mobile Data.
Performance Data Performance data includes first-party data, third-party data, and Yahoo Segments. To learn more see Performance Data.
Purchases Data Purchase data includes purchase categories, age and gender distribution, top selling products, and more. To learn more see Purchases Data.
Search Data Search data includes top category searched, top keyword searched, and age and gender distribution. To learn more see Search Data.
Travel Data Travel data includes top hotel, top airline, top booking provider, top destination, and more. To learn more see Travel Data.