Q3 2018 - Features

Browsable Filters

When we launched the new User Experience, we revised the way you interact with filters. A key ask following that first release was an ability to browse through the categories in a more structured way without having to search for it.

As an example, you can click the interest dimensions and navigate through the filters. You can select any of the items to be added to the filter set. Keep in mind that all dimensions are not browsable, only those that have a natural parent-child structure.

As always, you can also search and select.

Select all or parent category where applicable

Imagine that you wanted to to analyze audience that belongs to an entire category of dimension. The only way to do this in the UI would be to manually add every dimension into the filter box which can get fairly tedious. So, We have now introduced this capability to make each parent selectable.

As an example, lets say you wanted to compare users who fell under ‘bmw’ as a auto category to the entire population of users with any auto category. Previously, you would have to construct all individual categories in the baseline. But with the new dropdowns, you can simply select the top level category!

When you expand the drop down, the selections will be greyed out indicating that they are already in your query.